I had to break federal law to go to the 61st but when I learned the error of my ways I left.  I’m not a military employee so was not officially allowed.

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On the clock….

04 Jan 2016


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Been brewing…..

04 Jan 2016


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28 Apr 2015

I have a confession, I love peanuts. I don’t know why but I really love peanuts and it drives me absolutely bonkers when people give perfectly good peanuts to birds instead of a starving Schipperke. “Can you spare a peanut today for peanut butter tomorrow?” 

Oh, peanut butter, love peanut butter but hate the way it sticks to the roof of my mouth. Everyone just laughs at me when I try to lick the peanut butter off the roof of my mouth with my tongue. 

What really gets me the most is the squirrel feeder. They say its a bird feeder but I rarely ever see a bird eating from it. My dad had the great idea to put Vaseline on the bar holding the bird feeder up to make the squirrels slide off. It was a pretty good idea until the squirrels figured out to jump from the tree onto bird feeder. It was kind of amazing watching the squirrels jump 3 feet in the air onto the feeder. 

It was also as enjoyable watching them slide down the pole holding the bird feeder up. The express on the squirrels face as they slide down the pole wonder what was going on. Gave me some sick pleasure. The pleasure ended when I realized that there were peanuts in the squirrel feeder. 

Why don’t I get peanuts? What is so special about the birds and squirrels that they get peanuts but I don’t. Okay, I will admit when I get a peanut I take it inside, like any civilized being would, and crack it open on the carpet, leaving the shell right were the fall. I do make a mess but my staff cleans up after me. 

I do make up my bed every night before going to bed. Yes my staff folds and fluffs my blankets everyday but they don’t put them in the way I like them. After I get my blankets exactly like I like them I then go sleep behind the coach like any respectful Schipperke would. Since I’m the only Schipperke in the house how else would one sleep? 

The peanuts, that right I was writing about the peanuts. I just remembered because the birds are getting them from the feeder. What is wrong with this world when birds and squirrels rank higher on the treat scale than me? 
Don’t remind me of the box of toys or the unlimited supply of treats or the tailored food I get. It’s all about the peanuts. I really need to do something about this peanut situation. I will leave no peanut uncracked for my pursuit of justice. 

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27 Apr 2015

laying in sun

It is another tough Monday after a full weekend. I’m going to start out slowly with laying in the sun followed with a nap then maybe a car ride and finally either a walk or jaunt to dog park. I really don’t want to rush into the week. Take it slowly and see how it will unfold itself.

I think a dog treat is in order. Maybe if I can talk someone into getting me a beef bone or a pig skin roll up that might motivate me for the rest of the week. Instead, I will lay out in the sun, enjoy nature while watching the birds sing and fly by. It is a tough Monday and I’m going to take it slowly today.

On a positive note, at least I’m writing again. My creativity is being inspired by what is around me.

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I have not been inspired to continue to write for a while. The combination of dog park, bones, walks and car rides have kept me distracted. I really do not have any excuse not to write besides just simply not sitting down in front of the computer and barking away. I must digress for a moment and say it is simply amazing that I can push microphone icon then bark away instead of having to type. It is a blessing and a curse. It is faster to simply bark away my thoughts but a curse because I have to really think before I speak. Thinking before one speaks really isn’t a Schipperke trait. Schipperkes talk about anything to anyone at anytime, it’s just how we roll. 


Last night I was particularly cranky because of having a long day of dog park, walks and laying out in the sun in the backyard. Of course the family was home because it was the weekend so I didn’t get as much down time as I normally do during the week. 


One would think for a pack they would stay together but no, one goes to one room and the other to another to do what ever they do and bark to each other from across the house. They tell me to be quite when I bark like they do. Double standards I tell you. 


I digress, where was I, that’s right, I went to bed at a reasonable time of 9pm but of course people would be driving and walking down the street. I would grunt my dissatisfaction of them passing by my bed at night. Someone out of the kindness of their heart turned on the sound machine to drown out the outside noise. I finally fell asleep till my dad got up in the middle of the night. 


He has a cold so I had to get up with him and make sure he was okay. We went to the kitchen were he warmed some water in a cup and added salt. Weirdest drink I’ve ever seen. He would then sip some of the water and make this really weird sound, followed by spitting out the water. I was concerned with the weird growling sound he was making so I joined in. He would tell me to be quite in-between his growls. If he’s growling in the middle of the night, why shouldn’t I? My dad explained he was gargling with salt water because he had a sore throat. To me it sounded like a weird growl. 


We finally went back to bed a few moments later. Get this then my mom gets up at the break of dawn. Between my dad going to bed late and my mom getting up early plus them getting up then back in bed all night they wonder why I’m tired on the weekends. 



I think I’m going to take a puppy nap laying in the sun in the backyard this evening. Some people call it a cat nap, but I’m not a cat so I consider it a puppy nap. Well, I have to finish up this blog because now one of them wants to go on a car ride. A Schipperke job is never down. 

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08 Nov 2014

The universe must have shifted on its axis because I saw a cat in the dog park. My first thought was this was the end of times because why would a cat be in a Dog Park? I celebrate diversity like the next dog but come on? We got to live with these animals that their soul purpose in life is to torment us. 


They sit on the fence flipping their tail while looking us dead in the eyes from on top of the fence. Standing just a few feet out of reach meowing while we are teathered by a leash. Cats walk along the fence at dog park just to tease use because they know we can’t jump the fence to get them without suffering the wrath of our parents. Worst yet we don’t get to go the park because the cats tease us. How fair is that? 


Now there is a cat in the dog park? Where does it say “cat park or dog and cat park?” It doesn’t! Okay, I really don’t know what the sign says but the sign has been read to me and I’m pretty sure they said dog park. 


I’m all for any animal to run around the rest of the park, but the dog park? Really people. I’ve seen pigs on the outside of the dog park just strolling down the path. Was I upset about that? No, the pig has every right to be in the park. Was I upset with the deer or bunny rabbits? No, because the park is for everyone. 


The dog park on the other hand is a completely different issue. Us dogs have very few areas were we can run and play in public places. Most of the time we have to be on a leash for our own protection. In a dog park, it’s our retreat from the rest of the world. This is were we can be ourselves. 


We can be dogs! Hence the sign that says “Dog Park”! I don’t have to defend why it is called a dog park because it is a dog park. Who in the right mind brings a cat to a dog park? I couldn’t believe my eyes that a person actually brought a cat, all swaddled up in a blanket. Who does that? Maybe the cat was actually in a straight jacket because it was crazy. Maybe, maybe the cat was so crazy that it actually thought it was a dog. 


I could totally understand why a cat would want to be a dog. Just look at our disposition. Dogs are basically happy. Hell you don’t have to ask a dog twice if they want to go for a car ride or walk. When is the last time you saw a cat willing go for a walk on a leash or a car ride? 


I saw a guy trying to walk a cat down the side walk once. Every pole the cat walked by it wrapped the leash around it. When the guy went to untangle the leash the cat clawed at him. What a mean cat, when I get twisted up around a pole I’m more than happy for the help. The cat on the other hand only wanted to attach the guy helping them. 


Now I’m staring at a swaddled cat in the dog park. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Other dogs were also amazed. They would look in disbelief. We all looked then took a second look but couldn’t believe our eyes so we would simply go back to playing. 


My mom couldn’t believe her eyes either. She walked up to the person with the swaddled cat in their arms and said “you’re brave” then walked away. 


Brave? Brave! Bravery has nothing to do with it. The person and/or the cat have to be crazy. Who brings a cat to a dog park?! The last I know is that nothing happened to the cat or the person who brought it. 


I’ve seen a lot of things in my life, but a cat in a dog park has to top the list. It ranks up there with the salmon swimming up stream and the cow running down the road. The world is a strange place and gets strange the longer I’m in it. 

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