Tuesday 4th April 2017

by cjramos

I awake at the foothills of snow covered peaks. The tallest mountain in the continental US stands before me calling to be conquered, but I have other plans for today. 

Bear cans are available at the sporting goods store next to me. I only know about 12 ounce beer cans not these bear cans you can rent for $2 a day. Who would want to rent a bear can when a person only “rents beer” anyway. This is completely confusing to me since Schipperkes are often named Bear because of how we look. I must investigate what a bear can is for before continuing my journey of discovery.

Did I mention that I’m an inquisitive dog? If you haven’t figured it out by now let me state it clearly. I’m pretty easily distracted by new and interesting things.

Inside the local doughnut shop getting biscuits and gravey with a cup of coffee, Fox News is blaring away with the President giving a speech. Classic rock drowns out his words. It remind me that I am in the soul of the country.

Alabama Hills that sit at the base of Mt. Whitney is the spot a lot of movies have been made at. Movies that stared the late, great John Wayne and recently Rodney Downy Jr.

I’m Outside of Lone Pine I stumbled across a Japansees WW2 interment camp. My pride in America sank a bit remembering what we have done to America Citizens in the past our of fear and misunderstanding.
I wasn’t looking for this historic site nor did I know it was their until moments before while searching Yelp for points of interest. I was not disappointed by my find. 

The roar of military jets over head from the near by bases make the interment camp more ominous and alive for me. Seeing a interment camp first hand put me in a solem mood and left me pondering the state of the country. My mood quickly changed back to an adventure when I realized I was heading to Mono Lake

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