Thursday 6th April 2017

by cjramos

I awoke to a boy playing basketball outside the room as he spoke Hindi to his parents. The irony of the day before standing in the dirt basketball court at the American Japanese were interment camp doesn’t escape me. 

Here is an Indian boy speaking Hindi to his parents playing the most America game next to Baseball and Football. The same game played nearly 70 years ago in interment camps. 

Immigrants aren’t taking job away from America they are just simply living the America dream better than the native.

Darwin, CA. is a survival of the fittest. Population is 50 and they are the toughest of the toughest. I’ve been out here twice and this is the first time I’ve seen anyone. They were friendly and waved to me as a drove by. 

I found some dwellings that were dug out of the side of the hill. A pot belly stove and a bed was in one of the dwellings. A paper from 1984 sat on a metal container turned into a table. Holes were dug in the ceiling to the sky above to allow the smoke out. A door and window hung dug into the enterance. The dwellings are more like modern caves than actually homes but any shelter is better than none in this environment.

I ran into one armed Rick working at the pioneer point market in Trona CA. I meet him 5 years earlier while driving through. Back then he was working at By-Right supermarket  were I bought supplies for my trip. Back then I got into a conversation about what brought him out here from Arkansas. What brought him out here was the warm weather and buying a house on eBay sight unseen. 

Five years later the By-Right went out of business and a Family Dollar store. I went in looking for Rick but they said he didn’t work there but the town was so small that they knew where he went, just a couple of miles up the road at the Pioneer. 

Walking in I asked if he remembered me from five years ago but of course he didn’t. I remember him because of his one arm and buying a house on eBay from Arkansas. 

We shot the shit a bit as customers came and left. I leaned more about the five towns including Trona. 

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