03 May 2010

About Bob the Schippeke (Robert for Short)

Hello, this is about the life and time of “Bob” the Schipperke (Robert for Short). Within it you’ll find stories, videos, pictures of the adventures that I call my life. A little about me, I was born on June 30, 2010 in Washington State. Bob’s parents are Suki and Mick (or Glo and Mick). Bob was adobted from Linda Bates http://ariashowdogs.com/nursery/nursery.htm at 10 weeks old. He moved to Central California where he now lives.

Bob’s favorite pass times are going to dog park, playing with his toys, chewing on his pig ear, hanging out in a clay pot on the the patio looking out over the pond, playing at the beach, camping, and going for walks. Bob is also a writer, blogger, photographer and artist. He can be followed on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Flickr.

(Bob at Cape Lookout, Oregon)

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